pep*up universal leather & textile care foam

pep*up universal leather & textile care foam

SFr. 20.00
the pep*up care foam cleans and activates all smooth, natural and suede, tex materials
and textiles.
organic jojoba oil provides additional care, refined with organic peppermint oil and organic lavender oil.

shake well before use and remove coarse dirt with a brush.
apply the care foam generously with a sponge, cleaning cloth or brush.
let the product dry very well for the best results.
wipe smooth leather with a cleaning cloth.
brush on suede & textiles.

pep*up is biodegradable.

Aaqua. dest. organic jojobaoil cold pressed, organic lavenderoil, organic peppermintoil, polyglycerol 10 laurate.
contains anionic surfactants, non-ionic surfactants & amphoteric surfactants made from vegetable raw materials.

made in austria